About Us

About Shadow Office Solutions


Our company assists your business by offering outsourcing and offshoring solutions to achieve greater productivity and profitability.


We aim to provide clients with a cost-effective and dependable outsourcing and offshoring service that adds value, growth, and stability to their businesses.

Who we are

Shadow Office Solutions is a corporation based in Australia with a branch in the Philippines. Our facilities offer clients modern, state-of-the-art facilities with the most up-to-date IT infrastructure for complete dependability. SOS has the ideal platform to help you build your business at a low cost. Our offshoring/outsourcing options allow you to choose the best method for your business and implement it. We looked at approaches to promote efficient yet cost-effective solutions in our attempt to establish a solid back-end business processing service.

SOS began operations in Manila, Philippines, to determine and grow our vision. This entirely Australian-owned branch is in a modern and strategic location with easy access to public transportation, banks, and Manila’s CBD, which is the city’s business and economic hub.

SOS was created to satisfy its clients’ needs for processing. SOS has provided quality service for the needs of its clients steadily for the past several years. It is important to emphasize that the Manila branch isn’t an outsourcing company; it is solely owned and managed by three Australian directors.

SOS also operates out of modern, state-of-the-art offices and employs only the best. The employees are trained by Australians and operate in the same time zones as Australia, working shifts to accommodate the clients.

What we do

Shadow Office Solutions will find and hire qualified employees for your company. We will provide them with all of the necessary training and resources, and you’ll have complete authority over your workforce. You can keep track of your employees and their performance on a daily basis. We value diversity since it allows us to thrive as a company and as a service provider. We guarantee that you will receive the best service and that the concerns of your employees and customers will be prioritized.

Our Leadership Team

Tanya White - Director of Operations

Tanya White
Director of Operations

Iain Forbse - Director of Sales and Marketing

Iain Forbes
Director of Sales and Marketing