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Shadow Office Solutions provides Manila to Australian companies with reliable back-end business processing services. As of 2021, SOS’s client base is steadily expanding, and all of the company’s employees are competent and experienced in working in a fast-paced environment, allowing for quick but efficient processes.


Offshoring also implies hiring employees to complete duties on your behalf. But that’s where the resemblance ends. Individuals in this scenario are your employees who are based in our offices. They are under your supervision, use your systems, and communicate with you as frequently as you wish. We will keep track of their time and make certain that all on-the-job responsibilities are met.


Contractually, an external business takes over a function of your company (outsourcing firms have their objectives, processes, and interests). At this stage, you’re mostly on the sidelines, your only duty would be to ensure that they meet the Service Level Agreement’s requirements. They do the work on their premises using their own methods and systems, and they hire employees who they feel will benefit your company reach its goals.

SOS Operations

SOS Operations

Shadow Office Solutions will help you manage and facilitate your business operations in the Philippines. We instill operational excellence and innovation to ensure quality service for our customers and your business.

Shadow Office Solutions - Operations